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Luxury Home Builders Huntsville, AL

Westmark Homes has 24 years of experience allowing us to exceed expectations and build you a home that is uniquely yours. The finished product and meeting expectations is what really matters to us. Our luxury home building program gives you the opportunity to control layout, lot size, and accessibility.  So what goes into the process for luxury home design?

Luxury Home Building Process

Design Meeting

This is the start of the process where we meet with you and discuss and understand your luxury home design and discuss, size, style, budget, accessories, etc. The process is very similar to all of our other custom homes, the difference being that the design is full of many more customizations and building material upgrades for a unique look.

Home Layout

This is where we generate layout drawings and rendering to bring your vision to life. We review the plans with you to make sure the design is everything that YOU want. We aim to exceed your expectations, we will make any and all adjustments necessary until we get the perfect design for you.

Luxury Home Construction

This is the part where we step in after the luxury home design and layout is finalized, and make your vision a reality. Using all specifications, best of the best materials, and top of the line custom designs to construct your home.

Home Building Progress

We will always be communicating with you on a weekly basis to show progress or address issues/concerns you may have with the design or ongoing construction. This is something we always do to make sure expectations are lining up during the process.

Luxury Home Review

This is the final step in the process to your new Luxury home! This is where we review absolutely everything that has gone into the home so you get a full scope of the project. Your new custom home is complete!

Custom Homes – Huntsville AL

We specialize in Custom Homes in Huntsville, AL. Please take a look at our custom home process here as it is very similar to our luxury homes: Custom Homes

Luxury Home Builders Huntsville – what we can do

The Westmark Homes team takes you through the entire Luxury Home Building process with everything tailored to your budget. Our ability to provide you with our excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship shows through our finished products. Our Office is located in 250 Governors Dr. Suite L · Huntsville, AL 35801, and we are here for all of your Luxury Home needs. Go to our Contact us page to fill out our form or give us a call at (256) 539-2778, we look forward to hearing from you!